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At Studio Soft, we believe there is a story behind everything, and communicating from that story is the key to true connections. 


It is the key that makes your communication personal and more accessible, so people feel more connected with you, your story, and therefore your business.


We focus on the why instead of the what. 


That's why we film; to capture, translate and communicate your vision, as close as possible, to reality.


It is a gift to dive into the deep with my collaborations. To be in a position to discover what stories lie beneath companies, people, or motives. 


To find together that the obvious, what they take for granted, is not so obvious at all, but a long-held dream, or an age-old tradition.


It gives me so much energy to receive this, every single time. 


It is that energy, which I get to receive during those voyages of discovery, that I want to express. Not only for my client but also for its audience, everyone deserves to experience the most beautiful stories.


Experience through film. 


With softness,

Laura Nijenhuis.

short series SUP & BEACH
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edit SUP & BEACH
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Here we set your visual tone, your core story, your foundation. We translate this in a timeless high-quality video/docu (6-8 min) — this is where all your future content is based on.
short series
For the dynamic and fast field, we move in, we introduce — SHORT SERIES. A collection of 6 short videos. This is an extension of your foundation video. We create up-to-date, relevant content for your social and other communication channels.

We love working together. That's why we are connected to a wide network of creatives like:

- Copywriters

- Graphic designers

- Art directors & film directors

- Photographers

- Filmmakers

Feel free to ask us about other projects than film.

studio soft - filmmaking
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